Auge um Auge mit den roten Elefanten von 

Tsavo Ost

Murera Eco Springs Lodge Meru National Park Kenya


Murera Eco Springs Lodge – Meru National Park
Has easy access to the Meru National Park which is one of the most
promising tourist destinations in Eastern Africa. Meru National Park
promises to touch the very essence of your soul just as it did with
the early conservationists Joy and George Adamson.
Murera Springs Eco Lodge consists of raised cabins which are
colourfully decorated with earth colours and shapes with the theme
followed through to the large en-suite bathrooms. The dining area,
bar and swimming pool are the centre of life for those times when
you want to just relax under the majestic canopy of the trees to be
found. To experience the Meru National Park from such comfort and
style is the promise of Murera Springs Lodge!
Dine on a varied menu ranging from haute cuisine to vegetarian and
nouvelle – African, all vegetables and fruits grown in the area around
the lodge.
Activities: Game drives in the Meru Park and Rhino sanctuary,
Bird watching in the lodge, visit to Adamson’s old base camp,
swimming pool, safari Shop, Local farm visit.