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Maji Moto Eco Camo Mara, Kenya

Maji Moto Eco Camp,

A Fresh Idea: Feel Part Of Kenya

Get Closer To The Masai And Their Environment

Immerse yourself in the culture of the Masai tribes people by spending time at our simple and
environmentally-sensitive, permanent camp deep in Masai land, run by the people themselves.

Maji Moto Eco Camp is a joint venture between us and a group of Masai and together we have
created a place where you can experience the ways of the Masai, rather than being a spectator.

Maji Moto is a village in Loita Hills, 3hrs from Nairobi and 1 hour from the Masai Mara National
Reserve (Sekenani Gate).

The camp is set in the hills overlooking the vast valley,
consists of 6 standing size igloo style tents with mattresses and bedding, sleeping two people each.

The camp has been designed to be part of the environment and blend in naturally, featuring masai style dining
area, showers with hot water and toilets. All tents are positioned to create privacy and make the
most of the breathtaking views.

Sankale Ole Ntutu is your host; he is a Masai tribesman of the Purko clan. Born in the local village he
has a passion and knowledge of the masai culture and land including the flora, fauna and wildlife,
that will amaze you.

Staying at the camp, you will become part of his day and through him and his team you will meet the local masais, experience their lifestyle and learn all about their culture.

Everything you do will be driven by you as our team will be sensitive to how much you wish you get
out of your experience.

Whilst you can easily sit and relax at our camp, taking in the spectacular surroundings and talking
round the camp fire about masai traditions, Sankale can also arrange all manner of activities for you:

• guided nature walks

• school visits

• learning and participating in masai traditions

• evening bath in the natural hot springs, under the stars

• night game drives (additional charge)

• mountain bike trips (additional charge)

The masai have a great respect for the environment and the animals they share it with.

There is no generator in the camp.

We have kept it simple and traditional, with candles, lanterns and camp fires
in the evening. Fresh food is brought each day from the nearest town and all meals are prepared by
the camp’s masai cook in a simple but delicious way, blending traditional Kenyan and international

We believe that after your time at Maji Moto Eco Camp you will be left with an experience of a
lifetime which naturally compliments the other time you spend on classic ‘game’ safaris or beach

Welcome to Maji Moto Eco Camp.