Auge um Auge mit den roten Elefanten von 

Tsavo Ost

Siana Springs Intrepids Masai Mara, Kenia

Siana Springs Intrepids

Set on the southern side of the Masai Mara, not far from the Tanzanian border and the famous Serengeti, Siana Springs borders the Mara-Serengeti ecosystem, one of the greatest wilderness areas in the world and home to the mega-herbivores and big cats of Africa, including the annual migration of the wildebeest from July to September, listed as (one of the Seven Wonders of the World by a jury of experts polled by US’ ABC Television in 2006) as the eight natural wonder of the modern world. No visit to Africa is complete without a visit to the Mara.

Built on the Siana Conservancy belonging to the local Purko Maasai, the tented camp takes its name from the conservancy, for Siana in Maa means ‘plentiful’ and Siana Springs has the largest number of water springs in the Mara ecosystem.

The springs, fed from rain water percolating down the Ngama Hills – a stunning array of massifs lining the conservancy – feed the streams and rivulets with fresh, clean water flowing through an amazing forest of lush palms and indigenous plants that is home to a denizen of forest animals like the earth coloured bushbuck, tree hyrax and the colobus monkeys that reside at Siana Springs.

Normally elusive and occasional seen in the wild, the bushbuck stroll in the garden not shying away from the guests. In the wild, these beautiful antelopes keep alert for the predators that stalk the savanna and flee at the first sign of danger.

On the high canopies of the indigenous trees, resident troops of colobus monkeys leap from branch to branch, foraging for leaves. As arboreal animals, they seldom come down to earth. Siana Springs is one of the few camps where you have the privilege of seeing these increasingly rare monkeys.

The tree hyrax, a tree-climbing rodent-like animal is related to the elephant – that’s not comparing the size but the structure of its dental and feet alignment. Being nocturnal, it spends most of the day resting in the hollows of the trees where it’s easy to see one at close quarters by your tents.

Camp Tents

Living under canvas close to nature, is a welcome experience – away from the brick and concrete jungle.

Set on spacious grounds, the 39 standard luxury tents ( 5 double bedded, and 34 twin bedded) – sectioned into 3 wings namely, Bamboo( 20 tents,) Acacia (10tents), and Palm( 9 tents) – are set beneath forest creepers, gigantic fig trees and the African acacias surrounding by the perennial springs with the resident bushbucks, colobus monkeys and tree hyrax for company.

Spacious with plenty of light, the tents open to the private verandah from where guests can enjoy watching the birds and other wildlife, including the resident bushbucks browsing in the gardens.To ensure the safety of the guests, the camp is secured by a low voltage perimeter fence to deter big game from encroaching into the gardens.

Restaurant & Bar

Facing the green verdant lawns of the Camp amidst the indigenous trees and shrubs, where the bushbuck stroll and an array of birds fly about, dining at Siana Springs after every game drive or nature walk, makes each meal a feast. Fresh salads from the lodge’s eco-garden, succulent meats and fish fill the buffet tables of the restaurant. With a choice ranging from an ensemble of salads from the lodge’s organic eco-garden, the cuisine is specially prepared with your health in mind. Only the best ingredients are used to prepare every dish.

Every day features different menus ranging from Continental buffet to African cuisine with favourites like irio – made with fresh vegetables – to spicy Indian delights like chicken tikka, followed by desserts to die for or tangy fresh fruit platters. Those on a special diet need only to alert the chef for their requirements.

After the meal, relax on the foyer by the restaurant where at night a glowing bonfire is lit for guests to mingle and be entertained by the Maasai dancers.

The bar is open till the last patron leaves. There’s a choice of liquors, spirits and the barman’s special cocktails to celebrate your Mara experience – with or without the alcohol.

‘I Do’

Take your vows in some of the world’s most spectacular wild country within earshot of the elephant’s trumpet or a lion’s roar. You can choose a traditional wedding according to your customs, or dress in the local finery of the indigenous people such as the Maasai. Everything from the smallest detail can be arranged – from the vows to the celebration party for family and friends – all you have to do is present your wish list – for your wedding in Africa.

Standard wedding – US$1,545
• Local legal fees (Legal requirements)
• Registrars/ministers fees
• Marriage licence and certificate
• Wedding ceremony
• Wedding co-coordinator
• Decorated location selected by the couple
• Bouquet for bride
• Button hole
• Bottle of sparkling wine(Moetet Chandon)
• Wedding cake
• Best man/maid as witness if required.

Optional extras at a cost:
• Maasai Dancers and Guard of Honour – US$ 90
• Complete Maasai wedding attire for bride & groom plus necklace and ornaments – US$ 295
• Champagne (per bottle) – US$ 150

We have different locations from which the couple can choose to host their ceremony:
• Lounge gardens
• Masai Manyatta
• Sundowner site

Activities for Young and Old

Game Drives
Two game drives everyday in the reserve – the early morning from after breakfast 9 am;and the late afternoon from 3.30 pm returning to camp at sunset. Or you can indulge in a full day game drive to the Mara River with a packed picnic breakfast and/or lunch. kindly view the month by month activities highlights from the wildlife section as you plan your visit with us.

The Adventurers’ Club
Recommended for children accompanying their parents on safari this family program provides an fun and exciting opportunity for the kids to learn about the wild from our Maasai naturalists who specialize in plants, wildlife and survival skills. Children will be edu-tained through various activities and facilities on-site including an obstacle course that portrays the challenges wild animals face, don’t be suprised if you child comes out looking like Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s all time favourite Jungle Book. more the Heritage family programs

Balloon Safaris (upon request)
Enjoy the thrill of an early morning hot air balloon ride where you can enjoy the spectacle of the Masai Mara sunrise and the arial view of big game scattered across the rolling plains of the reserve.more on Balloon Safaris

Photographic Safari (upon request)
Led by our trained guides, some of whom are active photographers themselves we are able so ensure that your safari goes beyond your expectation. The 4×4 safari jeeps are specially modified to allow for more legroom and roof racks open for the best game viewing and photography, with accessories such as beanbag mounts for cameras available upon request. The vehicles are also fitted with mini-bars for cold beverages to ensure your comfort. kindly view the month by month activities highlights from the wildlife section as you plan you visit with us.

Fly day trip – Mfangano Island, Lake Victoria (upon request)
Take a 40 minute flight from Mara Intrepids Camp to Lake Victoria crossing over the expanse of the Mau forest – one of Kenya’s biggest indigenous forests – and the famed green tea plantations of Kericho to Mfangano Island sitting on Lake Victoria. more on Mfangano Island day trip

Nature walks
A two-hour nature walk with our Maasai naturalist will see you identify more than 30 species of plants, spot a variety of birds and pick up some survival tips like knowing how to behave in the presence of wild animals.

Cultural Visits
Guests at Mara Intrepids can visit the Maasai manyattas or kraals where a local Maasai guide will give you an intriguing account of the Maasai people and the traditions that have stood the test of time and still prevail on the plains.

A visit to the Masai Mara isn’t only about seeing the “Big 5”, the game reserve also boasts a bird list of over 450 species. These range from the large and highly conspicuous Common Ostrich, to the small (but still conspicuous) Cardinal Quelea. A bird walk is a must for every bird lover or simply someone curious to see the rich profusion of birds, keen birders can record more than a hundred species in a day.